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Jane Lesley Croft (NEE CORNER)

Jane Lesley Croft (NEE CORNER)

Jane Lesley Croft (NEE CORNER)Jane Lesley Croft (NEE CORNER)Jane Lesley Croft (NEE CORNER)

About Joanna


Jane Croft 60, who wrote as Joanna Fulford, sadly died from a brain tumour in July 2013.  

Her untimely death has robbed us of a very talented lady who, if allowed would have brought her writing alive to many historical and romantic readers throughout the world. She is sadly missed by many but her books are available in ebook format for all to enjoy.

Writing for Harlequin Mills & Boon,  Joanna Fulford produced eleven full length books and one short story. Her debut novel, ‘The Viking’s Defiant Bride’, was published in 2009 and was a great success. 

Others followed including The Regency and other Viking historical novels.


Her last written words

Do not put your life on hold until retirement, or be so caught up in the getting and having that you abdicate the living.

Do not sit in front of a screen and watch other people having all the adventures. The world is broad and wide: get out there, see it, do it, live it.

Do not spend your life in a job that you loath, grubbing for money, always in search of the elusive promotion that leads to more stress.

Find the job that makes your heart sing and do it joyfully. You’ll never work again.

Do not stay long in company with toxic people: seek out those who encourage and support you and make you feel good, and then reciprocate. If you can.

Find someone to share your life with, someone to build dreams with to laugh and cry and talk with on matters great and small, or if to sit in comparable silence, someone who will be there for you no matter what comes.

We are here once and time is short. Let us make the most of what is given to us.

Do not put your life on hold: pursue your dreams and DO IT NOW.


Her style

Harlequin Mills and Boon Romantic Historical Fiction: Vikings and The Regency. Poetry.